Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cruisin' with the family!

This is a picture of our collected five boys (between hubby and I), and two wives just before scuba diving off Cozumel. It was very warm, and I'm not in the pic because I chose to watch the grandbaby (girl!!!!), ......yes, I know just call me "nana"!!

These are a little out of order....this is when we were just arriving and getting on the ship! See that sweet little baby...she was so good on the trip, so content!

This picture is of some school children in Montego Bay, Jamaica! It was the highlight of the trip for me. It occurred to me when they were singing Barney songs, and "Jesus Loves Me," that children are the same everywhere... innocent, precious, and an open oyster waiting for knowledge, love and guidance. (The little girl on the left was named Abigail, and she was a little spitfire...definitely the ringleader....a girl after my own heart!)

A picture of our ship! I found it very overwhelming when looking up, and out of the balcony.

The beach in Cozumel! Actually, in my opinion, the beach in Grand Cayman was even more beautiful, but this was a nature preserve, and I thought it was so beautiful untouched! Incidentally, my hubby says that in 3 years when Wes goes to college we are selling everything we own and moving to Grand Cayman! ha ha!!! It was beautiful!!!

We had been planning this trip for quite some time, and figured before our family gets any bigger, i.e., wives, more grandkids, and we can't afford it, we better get going and do it up right! It was a great way to take a trip and all be together!! It wish we could do it every year!!! We are so truly blessed.


Jamie said...

Wow! What an amazing vacation! And how neat that you got to spend it with your loved ones. It looks beautiful.

Jeanneoli said...

Your family is sooo beautiful. You still look way too young to be a mom to all those boys:-) I have never taken a will have to tell me all about it. The beaches look breathtaking.

Anonymous said...

soooo lovely!!!! and I thought Kansas
was great...! think about you gals

Kim Caldwell said...

What a wonderful family and how fabulous you can all share times like that together! Thanks for stopping by so I could take a peek too. . .

Beth Quinn said...

ohh what a great vacation !!! that is soo awesome that you all got to enjoy that time together , looks like it was a blast !!!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I love your blog! I also have 3 boys :) Those little girls would have made my day too!