Thursday, October 9, 2008

Making Bracelets!

My Mom and I got together recently, and made bracelets! My supply was running low and with Christmas coming I knew I better get busy. I found some fantastic, beautiful vintage earrings when I was on my Junkin' trip in KS, and luckily found alot of pink and black. I always have customers asking for pink and black with bling. So, I really tried to focus on that! We made 37 bracelets if you can believe it! I had been gathering for a long time, which always makes the bracelets come together better because I have more to choose from!

The best part is seeing how they come together and imagining the life these earrings have had. Some are exquisite and quite old, and probably valuable (who knows?). Anyways, I thought I would share with you my latest project! I'm always into something. But, the bracelets have been a constant for me, and have really taken off, and I feel so fortunate, blessed, and very happy about that!


beth said...

those are so much fun. thanks for stopping by and for the nice compliments. kacey's shop is so cute. i hope you have had a chance to visit. i can't wait to see what is up her sleeve.

Kasey said...

bling, bling they are:)
they look great Bethie.
kisses, and have a great trip!!

pinkstilettos said...

Oh, How beautiful! Just love those braclets. Daisy~

Beth Quinn said...

ohh these are soo wonderful !!i would have a hard time choosing !!