Friday, May 15, 2009

Princess Mady!

This is a picture of my niece Mady! I did a post earlier on her brother, Connor! Her fifth grade class does a ball every year called the Revolutionary Ball, in which the kids are supposed to wear ball gowns, etc. This pink dress she is wearing is definitely Vintage, it was my high school prom dress! I know...I can't believe it! It had a little jacket made out of the sheer fabric, it's long gone...I don't remember why! My mom made the dress! It is a little too long and big in the bosom for her, but how adorable, (I can't believe I was every so skinny)! She even wore......hold dyeable shoes too! I had to go take pics! Isn't she beautiful, and only in the fifth sister is in TROUBLE!!! The picture below even resembles me in high school! Definitely not like her mom (my conservative sister)!!! Wild girl.....after my own heart!
Model material!!!!

I love this girl as if she were my own!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Welcome Spring!

Well, the first sign of Spring for us has been this little momma bird making a nest in the wreath I left up since Christmas. See, the thing is the wreath is not your traditional holiday's lime green and blue (Target)!! And it lights up! Super cute! Well, this little momma bird thinks so! I just wish I could have gotten the picture clearer. I had to take it with the front door closed and through the little windows at the top of the door standing on a chair quiet as a mouse! Everytime someone opens the front door, or comes up the walk, she flies out in a panic and almost hits the person. Poor momma bird!

Here is a picture of the wreath with the nest and eggs. The eggs are sky blue. I mean they don't look real. No, I didn't put easter candy in a fake nest. This is momma bird's nest. I opened the door to take the picture and she flew away...... this tree! It is smack dab in the front of the house. She is the one on the high branches. And, I don't know if that is dad bird, but he is always with her and sits in the tree with her. Sometimes the other bird (maybe dad?) sits inside the wreath with her beside the nest. Is that really customary for birds? I had no idea the dad bird stuck around! Maybe I'm wrong! But, I sure thought it was weird to see that bird sitting next to her in the wreath.
Anyways, having her on the front porch has curtailed my Spring wreath, etc. It has made for some excitement around here, even with my teen boys!! They keep an eye on her too! I'll keep you posted and hopefully be able to get a picture of the baby birds! HAPPY SPRING everyone!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Blingy Bracelets!

I have been meaning to get this post done for some time now. Here are a few of the bracelets that I have for sale! I think that I will number them 1 thru 7 from left to right. If you are interested in one, please e-mail me, and let me know which one you want, or if there is another color you want I could pick one out for you. I have several other pink ones in my shop. I have green, blue, brown, etc. They are $45.00 including s/h. I will send you a paypal invoice, and that's that! Thanks so much for the interest and your support!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What in the He## happened to March!!

Someone please tell me what happened to the month of March! I can't believe it's gone. Well, I can sort of.... It's been so crazy...first with a week trip to visit another BFF Ella while her hubby is in Iraq :(......then, staying with my sister after a scheduled surgery, then, being at the hospital for the last week with my Mom after a fall and breaking of her hip while in Mexico! She had to medivac'd out and emergency surgery on Sunday morning! Also, my two teens have been on spring break for the past two weeks. The month of March has been soooo crazy! All in all, my Mom and sis are both doing well. The teens are eating me out of house and home. And, I am ready for the month of April!

I wanted to include some of my latest shop pics! I love Spring!

I wanted to introduce you to LuLu! She got her name from my BFF Meg's 7 year-old Kate! Meg gave her to me, and as I was leaving Kansas last time, Kate said, "you know Miss Beth, her name is LuLu!" So it is! Everyone at the Barn, and customers have grown accustomed to her! She is adorned with vintage pins! I went crazy painting her base and adorning her with old pearls, beads and ribbon! She is pretty fancy!! .....just the way we like it: Go Big or Stay Home!

I am going to do my next post on the latest bracelets I made recently. There were some blog viewers who contacted me wanting a vintage bracelet, and I told them I would include a post once I got the latest batch done. Well, they are almost done, and I will do my best to do a post within the next week, with the bracelets that are available. Thanks to everyone who was interested. I truly appreciate your support!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday sweet Connor!

I wanted to dedicate this post to Connor who turned 15 today! My sister (the brunette) below is raising her two kids by herself! Mady is the beautiful blond (age 11)! Connor was diagnosed with a rare chromosone disorder right around his first birthday and it is a blessing he is still alive! Around 10 months of age he began having seizures, regressed in motor skills, and was in the ICU fighting for his life. It took the right doctors and the right meds and he survived through his first birthday! My sister and her ex-husband were told he may not survive, but they could not be sure as his disorder is so rare that most babies don't make it more than 24 hours after birth. Connor is not verbal, or toilet trained. He has severe autism, and very poor small motor skills. I watched him today eat cake with a fork, laughing, and humming with delight the whole time. He is a precious gift from God, and a blessing in my sister, Pam's life! She was told she could have more children, and that the chance of having another Connor would not be possible. Therefore, she went on to have Mady! Mady is a lively, extroverted, smart, loving, patient, and beautiful girl! (can you tell I'm biased). Truly, she has had to grow up fast!! My sister is one of the most amazing people you would ever want to meet, and I watch in awe of how she manages her life, and her children! I always nominate her for those Oprah, Regis, mothers day show specials, but she never wins :(

I just wanted to share his birthday with you bloggers out there. It was such a joy to watch him, enjoy his pizza and cake and laugh with the rest of us! Happy Birthday you big teddy bear!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm not in Kansas Anymore!!

For those of you who read my blog, I guess you could tell I haven't posted in awhile. I was in Kansas on a junkin' trip. (is there anything better?) I found some jewels that are awesome. I have a thing for old jewelry. Plus, I needed more for more bracelets. I love to imagine who wore the jewelry and try to figure out how old it is. It truly is treasure hunting for me.

I found some great antique/vintage pieces for my shop. Almost everything needed a little paint, wallpaper on the shelves, etc. But, of course, that is the most fun part for me. My shop right now is so full, this stuff might have to wait awhile! Isn't my garage a mess! I give up my side of the garage just for storage, and my work area. I'm not like my other friends who have these beautiful, neat, work space INSIDE! I work in the garage. It really only makes sense with all of the hammering, nailing, sanding, painting, etc. I do have a space heater, otherwise, in CO it would be what my friend and I say "NO GO"!

This is a photo of my BFF Meg's sink in Kansas! I just thought it was beautiful and needed to be photographed. Plus, she's been hauling these two stained glass pieces around for a few years to new homes (military wife), and then, TA DA the perfect window! I love it!

This is the view of the Kansas landscape in winter off of BFF Meg's back porch! I just love this view and have been meaning to take a photo for quite some time. It's truly Kansas to have a farm and right next to it a subdivision of houses!

After reading my friend, Kasey's blog, and finding out about the tragic loss of someone's baby this week, I was finding it difficult to do a post. But, decided to put up pictures of random things that I find have beauty. It is in a time such as this, that I will hug my boys a little tighter, and thank God for their health and for strength to the family who has lost their sweet baby here on earth.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thanks for Asking!

I am so flattered that there have been inquiries into how to get one of my t-shirts! I wanted to do a post on how to order one as I don't have a web-store. First of all, the tee runs small, and is a cute fit. So, if you wear a size 4-6 you would want a medium, and so forth.

The tee runs $29.95 (incl. s/h)! Thanks for the interest!

I wanted to also include in this post information about the bracelets. I have had some interest in the bracelets from outside Colorado! Yea! Yea! So, I thought I should also offer to sell the bracelets outside of my shop. The only stickler is that we would need to have a convo to discuss colors, etc., because every single bracelet is different. In fact, most of the bracelets in this photo are already sold, however, if you tell me what you are looking for, I will do my best.

The bracelets run $45.00 (incl. s/h)!

For those of you interested in the bracelet or tee please e-mail me at:

Finally, thanks again for the continued support of my business! I truly appreciate all of you shoppers who continue to support the little businesses! Thanks so much!