Monday, November 17, 2008

Tag You're It!

Sue, over @ Bella Shabby, tagged me with this award. I was so flattered. I hadn't visited her blog before, and was so pleasantly surprised. Her blog is great! I love all of her finds, and pictures! Of course, she has a great, "Kreativ", blog!

She started her blog entry with 6 things she is grateful for. This is the time of year we all pause to do so, here goes:

1. My loving family. My healthy family.

2. My growing wonderful business Chic Junque. I am so fulfilled with the hunt for junk, and making it into something someone will love and admire, and use! Something Chic! I just love every minute of it!

3. My health. I just started back at the health club, in a class named "boot camp". It should be named, "butt camp", due to the fact, I can hardly walk.

4. My wonderful, fun, vivacious, loyal, dependable, beautiful, and loving girlfriends. Without them I wouldn't be the woman I am. They pick me up, and have for many years in many ways!

5. I am so grateful during these tough economic times, that my husband has a great job, and I continue to progress in my business....what a blessing!

6. Our wonderful boys/young men, and what a blessing they are to my life. They continue to give to me in ways I sometimes have to look for...but, they are who I am all about.

Now, I will nominate 6 great blogs that I read every couple of days, or in some cases daily. These women are amazing.....

1. Jeanne Oliver @ A Bushel and A Peck. She is a good friend of mine, and quite a talented artist!

2. Kasey of Lola B's Boutique. She is such a good friend, and we go all the way back to the seems! She is so very talented!

3. The Farm Chicks. I just had the pleasure to meet Teri and Serena at The Country Living Fair, and they are down-to-earth, fun, and great girls. Their blog is amazing!

4. Whitney, at Kindred Joy, has a really colorful and great blog. I love seeing what craft she is into next.

5. Karla at Karla's Cottage is amazing. She is always up to something...some new art project, a story about her granddaughter, or her cute Yorkie. I get inspired by her blog!

6. Beth at Beth Leintz, has an amazing blog too. She and Karla are buds, and live in Kansas, my old stompin' ground. I love seeing what they are up to next.

These are just a sampling of the blogs I check always!!!! Check them out!!!! These women are amazing and of course this award is so deserving! It's so important this blog world, and how we support each other!


Kasey said...

well, thanks Beth for the lovely award.
I love your blog too my friend.

Beth Leintz said...

Bethie- You are such a sweetie, thanks for the award!

Serena Thompson said...

Oh, you sweet-pea you! Thank you for including us! We heart you. :)

Whitney Johnson said...

Wow! Thanks a bunch for the award!! Now I get to visit all these other fabulous gal's blogs - how fun.

Jeanneoli said...

You are so sweet. Thanks so much for the award. I love reading your blog too...except for when you dress the dog:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethie , I forgot to ask you if its okay to add you to my blog list? I recognize some of your favorites but am off to read some new finds. Serena and Terry are so sweet - we are setting up to sell at Farm Chicks in June. It's so much fun! Sue

C Maisy said...

I love your site. The blog is really pretty. said...

Thanks for thinking of me! I appreciate it!

Raspberry Lemonade said...

I love your shop! My husband and I are driving from Texas to Idaho next week, I'm going ask him if we'll be driving thu colordo springs!

I am do a feature on the art of Trash to Treasure. I hope you don't mind but i have created a shout out post for bloggers to link to your blog from mine!

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