Friday, August 1, 2008

Creating Bling!!

These bracelets are one of my best sellers, and the best Mom and I make them!
My Mom and I decided two years ago to make these bracelets. She is where I learned the fine art of junking. She is an accomplished artist and has worked with every medium there is. I pale in comparison to her talent. I live near her and this is one way she can contribute to my business. She loves the hunt, and this gives her something new to hunt for. I swear every thrift shop in Colorado Springs and Castle Rock recognize her. She has even made relationships with the workers to keep the earrings where there is only one so they don't get thrown away.
It has been so much fun to make them with her, and they are one of my best sellers in the shop. I have one in every color!


Kasey said...

I love these, and have a few myself!!

Whitney Johnson said...

I just found your blog through Beth's blog! She and I teach at the same studio. Well, your bracelets are just darling! I'll check in often..
Happy Day -

Jamie said...

How can I get one for me? I love the black & pearl one! How much? and will you ship? They are beautiful!

Bethie said...

Dear Jamie,
Yes you can get one of these bracelets! I still have the black and pearl one, and they are $40 plus s/h. Thanks so much for the interest :)!! You can e-mail me @, and we can exchange info. Thanks, Bethie

Beth Quinn said...

hi bethie !! just love these bracelets , i make some like this too !!! we need to hang out girl we are soo much alike !!! LOL!!!

Danielle Muller said...

thank you so much! i am so glad you liked everything!

your blog is lovely!

have a great day!!

p.s. having major email problems...thanks for letting me know.


Anonymous said...

found your blog through Beth's...your bracelets are so lovely! as well as your beautiful shop. I'm a big time junker/restyler up here in Canada so we have lots in common. I love to head down to the US, cross boarder junking is really fun. I'll pop by to visit your pretty blog again soon, God bless,Laura

Joy Zaczyk said...

These are brilliant and to die for!!

Leah C said...

Beautiful, beautiful bracelets:)