Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I can't believe he is 15!

goofing around!

Well it's official Wes is 15 today. He is the youngest. I just can't believe he is 15. I look at him and he is turning into a young man before my eyes. I really am enjoying every minute of it. Many people I know have trouble with their teens, but I am so enjoying watching them turn into really great young men.

Wes is truly a Libra. He is thoughtful, kind, gentle, and loyal as the day is long. He doesn't understand when a friend "disses" him, and a girl (who used to "go out" with him) disses him for a Senior (we don't like her...). He likes obeying the rules, and thrives on order, timeliness, and plans that are followed. Now this is truly hard for me...always late, spontaneous, and lost in my own creative brain. He is constantly shaking his head at me in dismay, and wonderment. And I am truly in awe that I have raised this sweet, responsible, goal oriented very likable young man. I'm immensely proud of him, and can't imagine my life without him. On this 15th birthday, an every other one, I remember the awesomeness of his birth, and couldn't have predicted how much he would actually fill my life. Most of my friends have said that there are certain ages that have been their favorite, but I have treasured them all. Honestly, I have really enjoyed Wes through every stage. He has been one of those kids that is really easy, and really enjoyable. I feel so blessed to have him as my son!

Happy 15 birthday "Wes-man", I love you so much!


Kasey said...

happy birthday Wes!

Beth Quinn said...

ohh happy belated bday to your son!!

Simply Me Art said...

Happy Birthday Wes! Why do they Grow up so Fast??

McMaster & Storm said...

happy birthday. your mom is the funniest! she mentioned "the basement" and said it should have yellow caution tape before you enter!

{thank you for your sweet comment
the other day}
kara & darcy too

ShabbyInTheCity said...

He sounds like my first born (14 yrs.) very consciencious oH I didn't spell that right...