Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Country Living Fair!

First of all I have to say that you must read my friend, Jeanne's blog, as it is hysterical and tells the Country Living Fair story like no one else! We had a truly memorable weekend with highs and lows. Below is a picture looking straight across the street, before the hurricane and 75 mile an hour winds. It was a beautiful setting.

The pic above is of my friend, Kasey. We set up Lola B's Boutique so cute at the fair. We had the craziest weather ever...constant drizzly rain, leaking tent, hot hot hot sun on Saturday, and hurricane IKE on Sunday. Unbelievable, and I came home with a sinus infection from breathing in about 4 tons of dirt from the hurricane!

However, the best part for me was meeting great people like Darcy and Kara, and Kara's sweet mom, Karen. Our tent was between McMaster and Storm, and Teri and Serena aka The Farm Chicks, and that really was the most fun part! It was so nice to meet these really wonderful, talented and fun women who are making a success of their businesses! We had great laughs and made great friends! Can't wait to do it again.....INSIDE!


Kasey said...

*Great friends
*Great food
*Great cobbler
*Great sales
*horrible weather
*horrible drive home.

Jeanneoli said...

I'm still many funny parts of our trip! The next time I travel with you I am bring Depends!!!!

Serena said...

Oh Jeanne - thanks for the visual with the Depends! As Teri would say, "I'm sticking a needle in my mind's eye!" Eeeeeek! Good laughs, good times! Great hanging with all of you!!

Beth Quinn said...

oh man it looks like you girls had a wonderful time !! maybe next time !! i read kasey's blog too !! how fun !!!!

Jamie said...

How fun...and how scary! That's crazy about the winds! Hope your sinuses clear soon!

amy said...

Sounds like quite the adventure!!

Teri said...

It was great to meet you Beth! I wish we could have spent more time together. I'll never forget your "and the band played on" comment Ü